Cenvint Paris 13 is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 by Philippe Magnol, and located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. We teach Boxing and various styles of Kick-Boxing (Internatinaol rules Kick Boxing, K-1, Full-Contact and Savate). Our club has made numerous champions at regional, national, european and world level.

Cenvint Paris 13 has more than 480 members per year within all the sections and keeps drawing people from every social classes and ethnic backgrounds, boys and girls, men and women, from age 5 and on.

 It is deemed the best Kick Boxing club in Paris and ranked amongst the best nationwide, its notoriety having gone beyond our borders since a couple of years, due to the hard work of Philippe Magnol as the founder, trainer and manager, and his huge network he owes to his past as a former high level athlete. 

Our dedication in kids training also prooved efficient. In 2004 and 2005, our club was awarded the Trophée d’Eragny, placing our kid’s Full-contact section as the best in the area.

Our organization promotes from one to several professional events every year, in the various combative styles we propose. Regarding Kick Boxing events, Cenvint Paris 13 provides the greatest shows in Paris, gathering crowds of more than 3000 on average, through notoriety of past quality events, online and televised trailers (SPORT+), as well as flyers and posters. Each of our events is broadcasted 3 times on SPORT +.

At Cenvint Paris 13, we provide classes for fitness and competition.

    • Boxing
    • Savate
    • Full-Contact
    • Kick Boxing
    • K-1

Cenvint Paris 13 organises and co-organises:

    • In Europe :

      • Italy
      • France
      • Serbia
      • Italy
      • Belgium
      • Turkey

      In America :

      • USA
      • Mexico
      • Canada

      In AFrica:

      • Algeria
      • Senegal


At club Cenvint Paris 13, we practice boxing as a leisure but also with very high level competitors :

French Boxing (savate) 

Lots of France champions in the kid category come from The club Cenvint Paris 13. We are very proud that 4 kids of the Club got the title of France Champion within the same year.

We are also the only club that got two boys and two girls in a final during the same season.

In the junior category, the club has also France champions and made a great season with 5 juniors in final.

In the Adult category, the club made one of its member become the youngest world champion of the history in the Savate discipline thanks to the intelligent vision of our coach Philippe Magnol who upgraded him from the Junior to the ‘Espoir’category.

At the moment, Monica Torchio joined the club, with already a title of Kid France Champion, ”cadet” and ”minime” , a title of second senior world champion in a bout competition in 2008. She also got upgraded as she was in the junior category at this time (18 years old). She got a title of second world champion in a universitary competition in 2010 and finished semi-finalist at the 2010 world championship.

As far as the fight competition is concerned, Ismail Traoré finished second junior world champion in Serbia in 2009. All these titles make the club be very dynamic in the Savate discipline. This success is also due to the great experience of our coach Philippe MAGNOL, whose competences benefit a lot to people that come to practice boxing as a leisure or beginners.


After lots of kids France champions titles,the club Cenvint Paris 13 won the cup of best club in the ”Ile de France Region” in the kid category two years in a row . The club won also lots of junior and adults titles and the supreme title of World champion thanks to Anne Laure Gaudry in 2007.


The club won lots of titles in the kid category and realised a remarkable sporting achievement by wining 4 out of the 5 titles in the girl category and a total of 12 kid champion titles within the same year. Regarding adults, the club got the yougest France champions class A, Michael and Cédric Peynaud, who were upgraded from junior to A champion category at only 20 years old by the coach Philippe MAGNOL. At the moment, they are European Champions 2009, and 3 times France champions 2007,2008,2010 at the age of 24 years old.

Japanese Kick-Boxing ( K 1)

The club just started this discipline two years ago and did not participate in a contest yet. This way, there are no kid titles yet. BUt there is one adult professional France Champion who is also champion of Europe and second professional world champion. English Boxing : The club started this discipline in 2010 with its two world champions Cédrick and Michael Peynaud who practice it in the neo professional category. The Club Cenvint organised on the 22nd of october 2011 the first competition Paris / Marseille in that discipline. As you can see, the club is a specialist of the multi boxing practice with Philippe MAGNOL who is manager of the club, coach and in charge of the trainings at the club Cenvint Paris 13 . This way, all members from beginners to competitors can benefit his great technical expertise and experience of boxing (feet and fists) to get better and better.