Club cenvint's rates : Season 2018 / 2019

Subscription's fees : 30€

To get more information on how to join us, you can go on that page.


Rates per quarter are possible for people subcribing during the year.  
All people subscribing at the beginning of the season shall pay the following rates :


From September to October, first free training as a try, the second one at 10€.
From November to June, training as a try at 10€.
Kids from 5 up to 6 years old 210€ / year
Kids from 7 up to 10 years old 240€ / year
Kids from 11 up to 14 years old 260€ / year
Adolescents from 15 up to 19 years old 300€ / year
Adults 400€ / year


All subscriptions are definitive. Refunds are not possible (Substription can be postoned to the next season).


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