How to subscribe     

The Club Cenvint paris 13 welcomes people from all social horizons, professions,

ages, women and men and anyone who wants to pratice boxing whatever the level.

You have the choice between lots of time schedules from monday to saturday.

We really hope that you will join us soon !


From September to October, first free training as a try, the second one at 10€.
From November to June, training as a try at 10€.


You can subscribe at the Club Cenvint Paris 13 by filling the enrollment form, giving a doctor's certificate and paying the annual fee.

The doctor's certificate is not compulsory on the day of your subcription but must be given within a month.


An appropriate equipment can be bought directly at the club, it will be less expensive than in regular shops as we buy it directly from the supplier. You must forecast a budget of 50 to 70 euros.


All documents have to hand delivered during the training


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